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Online Request For Voter Registration Form

Important Notice:

It is too late to utilize this service to register to vote for the February 6, 2007 First Supervisorial District Vacancy Election, due to the mailing time involved. You may obtain a registration form from a post office, library, city hall, or the DMV office. The registration form must be executed and postmarked on or before January 22, 2007, or delivered by hand to the Registrar of Voters by January 22, 2007. The registration form can also be submitted to the DMV or any other public agency designated as a voter registration agency prior to the election.

The deadline to register to vote for the February 6, 2007 First Supervisorial District Vacancy Election is January 22, 2007.

Instructions: Fill out the form on this page, or click on the link below. Then, after you verify that your information is correct, submit the form. A voter affidavit will be sent to you in the mail, with your information printed on the affidavit. Verify that the information on the affidavit is correct, sign the form, and then return the form by mail.

The personal information you submit is transferred over a secure connection, and will remain private.

It is recommended you print and keep a copy of your confirmation.

Click here to go to the online voter registration form.


SOKA University Polling Place
Supply Box; This twentieth century Supply Box was made of metal and carried manual-punch paper ballots.
SOKA University Polling Place
June 2006; Each election a unique pin is made for volunteers. This pin is for the 06' Primary.
SOKA University Polling Place
Bette Lily; Bette has consistently volunteered for elections for over fifty years.
Orange County Registrar of Voters | 1300 Building C | South Grand Avenue | Santa Ana CA 92705 | 714.567.7600